Frank Kimble

ATX Is short for “Advanced Technology eXtended”. It is a specification that outlines the configuration and dimensions of motherboards and improves standardization.

An ATX motherboard has several advantages over other types. For example, they include advanced control facilities including checking the CPU temperature and voltages. As a result, the PC automatically shuts down if overheating occurs.

These motherboards also have a stacked I/O connector panel mounted. With these devices you can easily relocate memory, thus allowing for better ventilation and installation of the key components.

Power management is also easier with the BIOS program. The PC can be turned on by using a modem or network signal because the main power supply is controlled by the motherboard.

Additionally, the PC cannot be turned off while it is booting. If the computer freezes as it is turning on, you can simply turn it off by holding the power button for 5 seconds.

It is also impossible to place the power supply connectors in improperly because the ATX 2.01 Motherboards have a single keyed Molex internal power supply.